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Sorby Boxwood Chisels

Blue Chip Bevel Edge Chisels
Good set of basic bench chisels.

Jeff Greef Woodworking

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Photo 13- Fine tuning the lap walls with a chisel.

Cut out the laps, coming as close to the scribed lines as you dare with the radial arm. You can't cut out the entire lap because the radial arm cuts a straight line and the lap edge is curved. Cut the last bit of the curved edge on the laps with a chisel as in photo 13. Use the least wide chisel that you have (or better yet-a curved carving chisel) and use the "cut a little and fit a lot" approach. Trim a bit and try to fit the two legs together, looking at where you need to take off a little more and where you have already taken off enough- or too much. Yes, I used a little putty in the finished laps because they didn't fit perfectly. You can too, so don't worry too much about perfection.

Various different sizes.

Photo 14- Gluing up the legs.

If you need clamps, click here.

Round Over Router Bits

Rockler Router Table Package
Includes table top with quality fittings, adjustable fence AND Porter Cable 690 Router. Good deal.

Photo 15- Round over the outsides of the legs at the router table.

Once the laps are fitted glue the legs together as in photo 14. Once they are dry, set up a 3\8" radius roundover bit in the router table as in photo 15 and round over the outside of the legs, but not the inside, because here the roundover will interfere with the slots for the connecting slats. Use a file to smooth the insides of the curls on either end of the legs (photo 16), and to roundover the edges where the bit couldn't reach. Sand the legs to 180 grit before you glue them to the slats, because it is easier to do so at this point.

Photo 16- Use a file to get into the corners.

If you need a file, click here.

Glue the slats and legs together as in photo 17. If the fit of the slats in the leg slots is snug, you can take the clamps off after the slats are pulled home in the leg slots. Either way, check to see that all four legs touch the table top. If not, twist the whole assembly in the direction necessary to make them do so.

Bessey Tradesman Bar Clamps

Photo 17- The final glue up.

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